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David Choe, my favorite artist experiencing seeing a real dinosaur!



Recycled cabins from around the world!

Encourages me to become a even more free. Last night I slept in the rain outside without a tent and it was amazing. It was warm and I was well placed! :). I wanted to be with my 3 cats and chill and it was beautiful. I filmed, created and played!

Under something over me! An object!

Warmth, unconditional love and peace with nature!



I need to feel some kind of commitment and action on your end. Not simply words and idea’s. Words and idea’s are great but if there is no action taken. How do you manifest anything. Doing what you love will it will lead you to where you want to be.

I feel you put to much of what you love on the back burner and you seem to always have a reason. I want you to focus more on what you love. If you tell me something, you can be a bit late, I’m not anal. But the avoidance consistency is draining me  and it must be draining you. Maybe you don’t feel you deserve to put energy in things you love. I don’t know?? But to me this has kept me grounded and sane! Try to keep your word, try to give the respect you would like to receive yourself in your communication skills instead of avoiding. Avoiding creates a void between us.

screaming is not hearing each other and at the end of every day I want to laugh and smile and be cool but be real about the check list of life!

The more I don’t give a shit about the computer or the phone or the digital furniture. The more my life seems interesting, the more I feel grounded because I am not overly stimulated. My stimulation is sometimes like a child? Very basic, connecting with my sense and feeling the simplicity of life. Fiouf!

Okay my fellow friends! Let’s share a funny video,


I just wanna say, thank-god for KIND people in this world because they do make a big difference!!!

Author: Melika Emira baccouche



What does healthy love mean?

Health is not the absence of disease, we all go in and out of balance like nature. Connecting with your mind, your body and your spirit is giving yourself a gift. Why are we so graceful and nice with others and we do not give ourselves the same unconditional love and grace? If you can take care of others, you can very well take care of yourself in all the same ways? If you nourish yourself, this is the most powerful energy you can connect with. Your energy towards yourself is the most powerful since you are unique and no one knows you how you know yourself!  Knowing yourself takes a life but we can be connected with our divine self by embracing our uniqueness and our constant evolving self.

What I love about life is the journey, we are very fluid beings and we all are constantly in evolution changing forms with whatever knowledge and life lessons we gain on our path. We constantly absorb things but we forget we need to empty what is no longer needed. Keep what you love, remember what you love, focus your perception on the beautiful. Look at the hurt but always know that hurt is a perception. Mental pain is so much stronger than physical pain but we can work to rise from our ashes. We will live many things in life and re-birth is beautiful. It is like growing a second spine. Always remember that every experience you live, you decided to live this experience for a reason. What is that reason? Only you know and you do not need to explain this to anyone because this is your life and your learning experience This is growth!

One of my great friends told me: What brings negativity in your life, LET IT GO! It can be a friendship, a relationship, a job, whatever… We are all so afraid to let go. Time is precious, life is short and we need to feed ourselves everyday in every way we can! If we feel full, we can give more to other’s and we feel the connection and anchored in ourselves. The more anchored and grounded you are the higher you can go. Letting go scared me at first but things come back, friendships come back and they come back in a more beautiful way. Go where you are appreciated!!! ( Like my previous post!)

Love is space and sometimes we love so much that we feel compelled to give, give and give without receiving. Or we feel compelled to control. Let go! Love is Space!!! Love has no expectation, love is unconditional, love is detachment, love is allowing the other to be who they are and where they are. This is unconditional love, the most precious gift you can give yourself and others.

If you give, make sure that you are giving with your entire heart. If one once of your heart does not feel life-giving, is it really giving? Listen to that internal voice because it is there for a reason. It is there to honour yourself! We all have our gifts and if you are truly giving with all your heart, which is the real way to give. If you give do not expect, do not have expectation. Give for the pure joy of giving! The universe will always give back. It will not give you always what you want but from my experience it gives you what you need. Everything comes back but not from the person you expect or not from the source you expect. That is the beauty of life! Let go and allow all the space in yourself for love and everything else you desire from life. We are living an adventure!! Enjoy! Ride the tiger! When your up be grateful and when your down, know you will have even more strength and knowledge to climb your next mountain! Conquer!!!

Sending you all love my free spirits!!!

author: Melika Emira Baccouche


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I was deeply in love with someone who didn’t love themselves!

Everyone deserves support and I chose to be there for someone who was deeply wounded internally and self-medicated because of past hurts and issues that were never acknowledge by his family or himself. I will never regret this experience and I will show you here and there in mini video’s that no matter how bad the situation was. I always followed my heart and it lead me to where I wanted to be.

People always say that if you are with an addict, you must have self-esteem issues. In Ayurveda we are taught to see the higher self, the inner god and goddess in everyone no matter what the unbalance is.

Jason was on methadone, alcohol, 10 to 20 gravols a day, depending on the day and a bunch of weed. He was the highest guy I knew. Medicated like a level 4 cancer patient, I asked him 2 questions.

When did your life start declining? The answer was: When I started taking methadone. This was prescribed to him in detox. He had started taking oxycodone after an  assault incident by doctors in the hospital. We are all human and I think no one enjoy’s pain but the easy answer usually always lead me to a place even stranger and further then where I was before.

If you prescribe medication to an addict, they will never say no.

Jason went to the hospital for having a pancreatic attack and he stopped drinking cold turkey. The hospital then  decided to prescribe him Fentanyl.

The second question I asked Jason was: What do you want from life and yourself? He answered by saying, he wanted to be clean and live a clean life.

We embarked on the path of awaiting a bed for him in detox. Which 7 months later was still not available.

The system is fucked because when someone is ready, specially someone so sick and so hurt by life. When they open their arms, help should always be there when needed. But sadly we do not live in a world like this.

Exploring the more conventional side of medicine, being a passionate student of Ayurveda. It opened my eyes to many to so many sad realities of our society. I do believe in science but I don’t believe in treating patients like they are numbers or like all body’s functions in the same exact way. I don’t believe in analyzing simply one organ but the inter-connectedness of the entire body.

They never had a precise diagnosis, had no trouble prescribing all this medication but when he wanted out. The same support was not there. He had chronic pain, surely coming from inner pain and medication on top of medication.

The real issues were never honored and he deserved to be recognized for who he is like everyone else in this world. I knew how to separate the addict from the person when he spoke and I constantly practiced detachment, knowing that nothing in life is forever! I want to thank Jason for teaching me so many beautiful things. I still see the beauty in him and I will always love him in my own unique way for the unique person that he is. Being around sickness my compassion grew, my heart grew and my self-love grew!

Take all very good care of your hearts, your body’s and your mind!!

LOVE LOVE LOVE!! And love more!!





I was very upset the other day and called my teacher to speak and gain clarity. As I was speaking to Dr. Anita Sharma :), I opened up about the fact that I had moved out of the city to find peace. This was my intention and I am now in the country and in my mind and my expectations I was going to find peace!

It all a started when two of my class mates and friends came to visit me for a weekend because of  a failed workshop, one was suppose to co-teach and my other friend was attending. Since it was only the 2 of themes coming, we decided to cancel the workshop.

I was secretly happy that the workshop did not happen and I was happy that my girls came to see me in nature. Sharing knowledge and support, connecting threw our experience and catching up. It was fun! And to be honest, I needed simply to relax and give energy and support to myself through freedom.

On that Saturday we went for brunch and then went to check out the market. I saw a cream and soap-stand that had mostly  Native American traditional items included in the stand. Walking over to their table, I asked the man if he would mind, thinking I am being polite, if it would be a bother to sell my ayurvedic creams, limited edition and rent my very own table for 10$ a day! Creative freedom summer was my goal.

This 65 year old man, looking rugged and dressed like a native being white and red as day as started speaking to me with super high waisted jeans and a 70’s bandana with a shitty feather in it about the Maharishi and having met him in person. He told me the Maharishi spoke to him and he does not need to meditate because he is a cosmic individual that is too connected to blablabla. I zoned out at some point and went into nodding mode.

After that he tells me that every girl who wears t-shirts with something written on their breast were asking for negative attention and they were all secretly whores. I respond with a  smile and  no filter (this is a life work); To begin, this is a perfect example shown in comparison that I will explain to you as a feminist. If a man is  wearing a football  helmet in the street. We should have the right to punch themes in the face, because if he is wearing a helmet he is asking for it. I wanted to be absurd for the sake of drop kicking this stupidity in the head. Not him but the idea and the ignorant words that are spoken after 10 mins of meeting a new person.

The first day I started selling my ayurvedic creams at the market, which took me a lot of courage to put in action. It was freeing, fun but challenging. Went I get to the market I see my friend Alex! Yey a new friend in a new town and I have a sales buddy for the day. He offers me a part of his table and shows me he is selling plants to transplant; peppers, tomatoes, you name it! Perfect we are not competitors we can chill and help each other out.

I decide to go for a walk while the time of day is dead. Coming back I see the man who rents out the tables. He was smelling my sample and I came to the conclusion he was interested in buying! So I started interacting and pitching him my products. All of a sudden he bluntly tells me he is not interested at all in my products but the rumour that was going around. the rumour stated that I was putting cannabis in my Ayurvedic 100% natural creams???

Hmm I wonder who this came from? Fucking weird guy that thinks he is Native Indian! Damn it!

I came to Sutton for peace and look at what is happening? Me and my boyfriend separated, my workshop wasn’t successful and now someone started false rumours that I am selling Ayurvedic cannabis creams?  Other member’s of this very cute small town were contributing to the rumours and neglecting a fellow artisan to joint their stupid club! I am not in a club, I am an entrepreneur just like you, we all are entrepreneurs here! Why not encourage each other. My creams are not made of patchouli or lavender and bees wax. I do not make soap and I take pride in my studies, the knowledge I gained and the complexity and artistry that I have put in my creams, exfoliators and spa products. Dedicating myself to inner and outer beauty with passion (I’ll give you guys some free recipes soon, fun and home made , easy to make :).

The next week at the market, I find out I was not allowed to share a space with Alex at his table of vegetables. I am new here and people are being ignorant teenager’s and simply looking for drama.

Why not tell me last week? I felt as tho I was in the twilight zone. They would hardly allow me to rent a table the Saturday after because I was causing so much movement? Am I renting a space at Burning Man? Or Coacherella?  I was super upset and felt like I had to dumb myself down to speak to people 30 years older then me. They invent stupid rules that do not exist? They exist in their idea’s of justice and judgment and punishment but not in my world and not on paper.

I kept my cool and dealt with it expressing my frustration, anger and hurt in a constructive and positive way. Always coming back to facts and practicing detachment.

I got my fucking table!! And I sold for a nice profit that day! The light always conquers!! Take the good with the bad or turn the bad into good. It’s all an experience and the truth always shines threw.

Speaking to Anita and another dear mentor, I got these messages.

Melika, if you stop at every dog that barks along the way, you will never reach your destination!

Thank-you Cindy!

Melika this is normal in the world of business and the more successful you get the more people are going to attack you. But you can handle this and it will only make you stronger to prepare you for the next steps you will take on your journey to what Melika consider’s success!

And last but not least if you are searching for peace, you will not find it anywhere else but in yourself! Look inside your heart and find your own inner peace no matter how shaky the week feels. It’s a week in a life! If your grounded and you nourish yourself with positive impressions everyday. You will not flinch in the face of bullshit! My secret is enjoying my life instead of hating or comparing, no matter what is going on. If I can’t seem to find a reason to be grateful, I give thanks to my sight, my feet, basic basic things that are awesome to have. Some people aren’t as lucky and some are more and this is simply a perspective. I am where I am, why would I spend time focusing on other’s with the intent to compare myself. We are all different and we all bring something cool and something shitty to the table. We are human!

Thank-you Anita and Cindy  for helping me recognize my worth, where to find peace and to keep striving everyday of my life!

Keep on Trucking Cowboys & Cowgirls!

Author: Melika Emira Baccouche



You do not need to have children to learn from this because we are all conditioned in some way to repress our own needs and inner voice to please our parents or other’s. This interview really resonated with my heart on many levels and is good advice on how to accept others as well as yourself!