Incorporating the 5 senses in your yoga practice- The Spirit of Yoga


Feeling the sensations on your body

Touching your legs and bringing finger tips down gently, feel your touch and feel your body.

Putting importance of being one with mind-body and spirit through breath

Yoga is never easy and if it seems to be you are only going through the motions in the physical form.

A simple pose is different for every different Ayurvedic constitution, different body types according to your dosha

Simple poses can be extremely more beneficial because they permit you to become one with the pose.

No longer observing the observer-mind

No longer fighting with your body for alignment or a gasp of breath-Body

No longer fighting with your ego to prove yourself anything-Letting go-creating space for spirit

A simple pose permits us to empty and to  merge the senses into one cosmic beam, attaining a peace from within that is essential to the essence of yoga.

With each inhalation fill your body with unconditional love.

Exhale your prana, your true essence, your unconditional love into the universe.

To all living things, from the smallest strand of grass, to the shinning sun, to all of humanity.

This begins with ourselves, our family and our friends and extends to all the people surrounding us.

If your are able to build this spiritual muscle and surrender first and foremost to self-love. If your are able to connect the mind and the heart, it will be expressed in your life and extend to a level you can not even imagine.

This intention, understanding and wisdom will help mount actions that will have a greater power in life then you can imagine.

Happiness can be shared only if we are willing to be vulnerable with ourselves and others.

We must let go of the fear to connect and to take our masks off, starting from within our own selves. If we cannot be open with ourselves, how can we be open with others? Truth is essential even when it hurts because pain creates cracks which permit you to grow with light shining from within the cracks. We are multidimensional beings and our heart, spirits and consciousness is meant to grow.

When we chose to be open the level of happiness that can be shared in this life is unlimited

Author-Mélika Emira Baccouche


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