I call on the divine will in my arms, the will of the divine source that is within me, I am the divine and the divine is me.

The divine source of redemption and eternal .

I call upon my guides, my angels and the ascended master’s of light.

Let the green light of abundance & stability Inside all the layers of the godly divine world’s be present in all magnitude. Shine peace, health, love, happiness & gratitude into space and matter of all forms, in every dimension.

May the golden light shine it’s rays and create miracles of all sorts in spirits, hearts and energy. Allow the flow of bliss to merge & solidify a strong foundation on all the emotional and physical ways of the holy spirit & father.

Let the waves of forgiveness flow on to all of our lives. May we all accomplish our dreams and grain the freedom of living a life full of plenty while giving back to the universe what we love. Through positive gestures, thoughts and action’s, we receive the power of attraction and manifestation. We shall rise above our dreams to discover even more amazing ones.

Heart, mind, body, spirit, divine love we are one and the holy spirit is the essence that we are all connected to.

Amen-So be it

Mélika Emira Baccouche



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