Raymond Biesinger ART WORK Montreal based artist!


I initially found this artist at Puce Pop Montreal. I needed to study my anatomy for my Ayurvedic classes and I found his pieces amazing, so I bought a couple and have themes framed.

I love the way he thinks in many layers and has a sociological approach to most of his art work. Very architectural and very unique. 

Enjoy the weirdness!!



Find below a full-page illustrated chart for Men’s Health showing the correct paths of the endocrine system between your organs, triple fact-checked by a real and accredited endocrinologist. All here is accurate except for the tiny offices and maybe the scale of the testes, which I’ve heard are typically not knee-width. Made for the magazine’s June 2010 issue and reprinted in the German edition.



BiesingerFemaleAnatomyNov2013 BiesingerMaleAnatomyNov2013




This couple grimaced as full-pagers in the Munich magazine NEON, demonstrating what it was like to be under 25, unemployed, deregulated, and nihilist. Inside their faces we can find ecstasy pills, a joint, misc. German politicians, German cities, anger, violence, wine, television, cigarettes, etc.



If your Swedish lessons are going well, you could drop by Kmagasin.se and find these two illustrations in their natural habitat. If those lessons aren’t going too well, just trust me when I say these two accompanied an article about the medicinal value of music in Karolinska Universitetssjukhusets Magasin’s 1.2014 issue. Above we see Dr. Victrola in her examination room diagnosing a young woman. Below we see we another woman taking her daily dose of notes. I spent an unreasonable amount of time on her earrings, but I think she’s a fox and deserves that kind of treatment. Art direction by Markus Hillborg.



A full-pager for the Walrus’ December 2012 issue, one that accompanied an Evan Fraser and Andrew Rimas piece titled “How to Feed Nine Billion.” Almost every selection in the above broken Global Food Systems Inc. vending machine is culled from the article itself. Special thanks to art director Brian Morgan for suggesting the fist-shaking ladder-climber. I’m great at forgetting the human touches.



Find above and below two full-page images made for Soma’s Spring 2011 issue, on the topic of artificial organs, past and present. The top illustration is one of my all-time favourites. The bottom was originally constructed as a quarter-pager but a happy accident saw it expand to a complete sheet. I’m a big fan of illustrating construction cranes and treadmills, FYI.



This cutaway illustration shows the Washington State University-Mount Vernon Bread Lab, and it accompanied a “Science Team 3000” article about said agriculture and cooking lab in the Spring 2015 issue of Lucky Peach. At top left we see the “concept” room where instructor Dr. Stephen Jones is showing a few students how weird, old wheat is superior to new, refined wheat. Then we see the gene splicing room, production room, testing room, and up top a few other technicians are surveying, plowing, and noting the surface. Art direction by the skilled Walter Green.



This pleasant little vignette shows the French dietary scientist Jacques le Magnen in his kitchen lab in 1956, and he’s discovering the “smorgasbord effect” via the study of a rat’s eating patterns. The gist: an animal (even us) is more likely to eat large quantities of food if a variety of food choices are present. Ran as a 1/2 pager accompanying the “Science Team 3000” column in Lucky Peach’s Winter 2014 issue.



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