2 thoughts on “CAT IN THE HAT!

  1. You know, people just throw this shit out into the world with no thought whatsoever about who reads it or what kind of hell they’ve experienced recently. After having a FUCKING brick thrown through my plate glass window Friday FUCKING. Night and FUCKING roundup sprayed all over one of my gardens the same night, this is the last FUCKING thing I needed. So yes, I will stop reading your FUCKING blog.

    Tha is so much for the cherry on top of my weekend of hostility and aggression.

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    1. wow girl! I’m really sorry that has happened to you. I’ve had a couple of odd things myself and this wasn’t thrown at you. Sorry for offending. It was meant as a joke and taking things in life lightly. I understand that things are difficult and I send you good vibes and hope things become better. No need to read my blog. Feel free! Feel better and good luck girl. Melika


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