Walk with effortless fluidity!

Recently, clinical psychologists have discovered an effortless state that creative people often fall into, popularly called “the flow”. During periods of “flow”, work projects seem to progress of their own accord, and even the deepest concentration requires no effort. As long as they are in the flow, creative people of all types feel a pleasurable sense of being lifted far above their ordinary capabilities. The drawback to the flow is that it cannot be taught to others or further developed in oneself. Fewer than 10 percent of ordinary people are said to experience it, and those who do are in the flow only intermittently. Still, this represented an advance over minuscule group of self-realized people which Maslow had estimated as less than one-tenth of 1 percent of the general population.

It was not until science began seriously to investigate meditation that the elusiveness of these phenomena was fully explained. It turns out that a peak experience or a sensation of being in the flow points to a deeper, more sustained state that transcendental meditation has labeled as “superfluidity”. Superfluidity resembles the flow in that less effort is required in activity, but the effort is reduced to an absolute minimum. In the superfluid state, action becomes completely automatic-the doer merges into his task, the thinker into his thoughts, the artist into his art.

Here is a firsthand description from a meditator in the mid-1970s. ” A soft but strong feeling of blissful evenness is present most of the time in both mind and body. Physically, it is experienced as an extremely delightful liveliness throughout the body. This evenness is so deep and stable that it is maintained in the face of great activity-in cushions one against all disruptions and makes all activity easy and enjoyable”.

The term superfluidity comes from a class of peculiar materials called superfluids that were discovered in physics more than fifty years ago. When liquid helium, for example, is cooked so slow that it approaches within a few degree’s of zero, -273 degrees C., it acquires the ability to flow up the sides of its container, to pass through holes almost infinitely small, and, if set in motion, to flow forever. The reason of this mystifying change of behavior is the cooling effect itself. At a low enough temperature, the helium atoms stop moving around in random fashion and instead become almost completely orderly, like an army that falls into parade-ground formation after milling around the field. Supercooled helium atoms are so orderly that they reach a frictionless state of superflow. A similar property of supercooled materials is superconductivity, the ability to defy normal laws of nature, but in fact it is a special property that arises quite naturally as long as certain special conditions are met.

In the same way, superfluidity in awareness appears when meditation “cools down” the thinking process. The mind discovers more orderliness at quieter levels of the thinking process until it nears the total orderliness of pure silence without slipping completely into it. At that exact point, the quantum boundary of the mind, it is still possible to think and act, but following different rules. One experiences effortless expansion and a kind of “frictionless” creativity that cannot be discovered in the ordinary walking state,

Author: Deepak Chopra

Book: Perfect Health p.149


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