Forgiveness Threw Time & Space


Dear children of love and light,

I wanted to share a beautiful Hawaiian practice that a dear friend of mine has shared with me when I had much remorse, guilt and past hurts that were not emptied and cleansed from my heart, my mind and my body.
It is called ho’oponopono!!! Thi word is abundant on countless levels!
You can practice this on a soul level for yourself, for others, for your inner child, past sufferings and regrets. You can travel threw times in your life where you have been wounded by another or damaged by yourself in denigrating and negating your inner voice in any way. If this hurt is never honored how can we be the shinning person that we are truly meant to be?

Whenever a place of hurt and distress presents itself in your life; discover the space where the wound resides within you. Now that you know where the pain is coming from, you can open up to the abundant healing energy of life by practicing the magical power of forgiveness.
With as much feeling and intention as you can, say the below four statements and try to feel these verses in your heart. Abandon yourself to the universe and the great therapeutic ability of your higher self.

When you practice this on others, the correct way to start would be to ask for their permission on a soul level. These past experiences could come from your childhood, your adolescence or the present moment. Honoring other`s in your actions is a great way to grow and heal yourself as well. When you hurt others you are hurting yourself because we are all mirrors of one another in this immense family of light.

ho’oponopono in translation means these 4 affirmations but the natives had 1 simple word for it.
• I love you.
• I’m sorry.
• Please forgive me.
• Thank you!!!!!

When you say Thank-you set the intention of sending gratitude back out to the universe!! When you give you receive back in 10 folds and more!!!

Author: Melika Emira Baccouche


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