Liberating Yourself From The Rat Race!


We all need constant healing in this world that is constructed for us to perceive it as a constant race. This race is only a perception and an illusion. We push ourselves collectively and individually to infinite, overwhelming, or meaningless pursuits for constant success. Where are we running? Why are we running? To achieve success?
Define your own success and define your own rules in life. This is your life and it goes by very quickly. Life is sacred and if you look down at your heart and ask what it is that makes you happy. You will find out what success is for you. Follow what you love and it will take you where you want to be.
We as individuals must bring awareness to ourselves, our feelings and our emotions. Otherwise we never take responsibility for our own healing. As an Ayurvedic practitioner people often come up to me and ask me what it is exactly that I do?
In Ayurveda we are all children of the divine and as a practitioner we must devote our lives to see the light in everyone we treat. We must see the hire self and the potential in one and all. If we do not practice this how will we find the tools to help individuals gain balance in their lives. You must learn to see the true self to see and treat the unbalance. Once I see the true self and the true inner voice of the person. It is only my duty to give the individual the tools to proceed on their journey towards self-healing.
Once those tools are given, I can only practice true divine love and support for my clients. I am only a channel and beyond all my beliefs I must always respect life to the fullest because my beliefs can be deceiving and they can change. I set the intention of allowing the being a freedom to incorporate the necessary tools in their own lives at their own pace. If I try to control how fast the healing process is going or what the individual is incorporating in their lives. I am not truly doing my job. True love is detachment; I say this in the way that, we must respect the people we treat by permitting themes to create and respect their own rhythm on their journey to self-healing. I cannot control other`s but only myself. If I accept my clients fully and see their light no matter what disorder is happening in their lives, in theirs body and in theirs mind.
This is unconditional love, love is not attachment to outcome, it is fully accepting the other with all the good and all the bad. Not feeling attached to their suffering but meeting that suffering with compassion and understanding. Understanding that we are not all made the same and we all have our own rhythms. When you are not attached, you allow space for healing.
I want my clients to be able to acquire their own divine healing abilities by understanding how they work on a mind, body, spirit level. I try to create space for support and self-sustainability by helping theme truly understand where the suffering is coming from. Helping each person achieve independence, by being self-sustainable on their journey to wellbeing and perfect health!
I must respect their individuality of every client. It can take 1 day for some people and other`s it can take a life. Depending on the work and depending on the unbalance. My job is to help themes recognize their inner voice and shine that voice like a lantern in the darkness until they get to the end of the tunnel. Every storm passes and by sharing this beautiful ancient knowledge, my hope is to teach a man or a woman how to fish and not give them a solution where they will always be dependent on someone or something to find their balance in life.
Bringing awareness to healing is my vocation. We all need healing and as spiritual beings living a human life, awareness is the key. Awareness brings assistance in giving thoughtfulness to our own feelings and emotions. This will allow us to take responsibility and care for ourselves; with the intention of achieve balance in life. I am the pain and the pain is me. This is universal and it is a great gift because it helps us grow and acquire strength and discover our purpose in this life.
Everyone and everything is a part of the universe and nature. The universe is within us and just like the universe we are constantly in and out of balance. Unless you open your heart, unless you jump into the abyss, you are not going to become enlightened. You have to knock on your own door & come back to yourself. Love is within you, everything you need is within you! Always remember that! Whatever resonates with your heart in my words keep and what doesn`t leave it behind.
Much love!

Author: Melika Emira Baccouche


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