Healing Threw The Magical Powers of Alchemy


Healing means become whole!

Let the ego come into balance with the soul. If ego is against the soul, there is no space for healing.

We do not allow our soul and our ego to meet because we are usually looking out on the outside for healing.
If ego is aligned with the soul, you cannot harm anyone. Healing is pure divine love & it demands surrendering to the divine, the univers or we can call it the cosmic force. The isness, what is for it is in everything and it is always present. From the stars, to the micro-bacteria in the earth. We are life and life is energy.

Healing means coming back to unconditional love!! If you want love, simply look inside. If you want peace, look inside.

We have the ability to transform thoughts, experiences, and perceptions. Everything is energy and the magic of alchemy helps us to transform anything into healing, light, love and whatever else it may be your heart needs to feel whole.  Every moment has the possibility of healing. You must simply open your awareness that healing is everywhere and is constantly happening everywhere around you, even in the darkest moments.

Observe the beauty in everything you love, listen to beautiful music, the sound of nature, sing, allow yourself to bathe in the beauty of your surroundings. Create positive impressions because you are worth it, you are precious and no one can heal you accept yourself. You can be given tools, knowledge, support but the work starts from whithin.  Follow what you love and it will lead you where you want to be!

Author: Melika Emira Baccouche


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