Let Go to Allow The Flow


Whenever we start putting force, friction starts!
Everyone’s existence is different. Force should never be there in yourself or others. It enables the natural flow of life. If it’s meant to be it’s meant to be! If something belongs to you whether it is a job, an object or a personal gift you share with the world. No one can take it away from you.
You can help the universe by setting a clear intention and showing the universe by your actions. If you want to attract love, practice self-love, only then can you really love others and invite love into your life.
Once you develop the trust in yourself your perception will mirror on the outside world, you will remember your trust and your connection to the universe and the fear will be gone.
Things will fix themselves on their own because you are now opening yourself up to the flow of life.
Remember that life is like a wave, it goes up, it goes down and we can change our perceptions to ride the wave of life. Be open to the lessons more than the outcome. The outcome will follow but as you journey evolves you allow more room for the outcome to change and evolve into something even greater then you could of ever imagined. Life is a journey and an adventure, if you accept things as they come. A big part of the struggle is already disintegrated for the struggle is only a perception of the mind and the ego. The ego wants to control but the more you push the more you sink.
The more flexible your mind becomes the less force you will need to put in life to achieve your goals and your dreams. The mind is like monkey and you can train the mind to work in your favor for mental, physical and spiritual health. Society wants us to believe that life should always be perfect and we should always be perfect. This is ego and it is simply a mirage. When you accept the good with the bad you are letting go of control and the flow of life will allow you to learn beautiful lessons. It is not always easy but you can ease the suffering by constantly changing your perception. When you allow yourself to adapt and see the benefits of every lesson life gives you. The greatest lesson`s we can give our heart and our soul for our own personal evolution are not always easy.

Visualize the pain in your hearts as cracks to be filled with light. This allows for growth and compassion to enter our beautiful hearts with divine love and divine light.
Life is a school and we are spiritual beings living a human life. Don`t be to hard on yourself and enjoy every day for life passes quickly and every moment is a gift.
I encourage all of you to be the lion`s that you are and not the sheep!

Author: Melika Emira Baccouche


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