The Precious Dance Of Life!


In our human existence there is the desire to connect with the supreme source. To know yourself & to connect with your soul (love) will free you from the false expectations of people and society.
Ego and the soul is necessary.
The ego must stop before your eyes to allow yourself to see clearly and perceive clearly with your mind.
The mind must connect with the heart they must work together.
The ego is necessary for individuals to have healthy self confidence and the force to accomplish life goals while you march on your paths.

We must know who we are and what we want.
We must learn to live with our souls. When you learn to live with your soul. Your soul will take action and not reaction. Are soul is always pure because we are connected to the super soul. We cannot do wrong. It will teach you to express hurts and negative emotion`s in a non-violent way. To acknowledge your pain and suffering and meet it with compassion and kindness. Never dim your light for others. How can other`s see their own light if you are not shinning your own.

The reason we cannot always feel the shinning bright light from our soul is because the ego is covering it. Always reciprocate darkness with light and love. Light and love are 1000 times more powerful than any amount of darkness.
If someone hurts you acknowledge your pain and anger and let it go. When you are ready met this darkness with compassion. Everyone is made of good and bad because we live in a dualistic world. Look at the person as their supreme self and meet their actions with compassion. This will allow healing to take place in yourself and the other.

Your soul is like the core of the onion and your ego is the layers of the onion. The more you resonate with your soul, the more the layers of the ego you no longer need will peel off. This is how you can feel your connection to the divine.
Each soul has a different vibration and sound. Everyone is needed in this world to make it whole. We all have a purpose. Connected to that purpose with all of your being and it will expand your heart to a level of beauty you never could of thought was possible! Learn to accept the good with the bad and you will free yourself from suffering. Life is full of ups and downs. We cannot control life but we can control the way we receive and perceive our experiences. Life is a school and we are here to grow and to learn.
This will help you on your journey to growth and beauty! Everything is a perception and if you shift your perception you can liberate yourself from pain and suffering. No matter what happens in life there is always a reason to be grateful. Life is the greatest gift!
To conclude, never forget to acknowledge your pain and express your pain. Let it go and meet  suffering with compassion and self-love. This will resonate in all areas of your life, including your mind, your body and your soul.

Remember that you are perfect with all your imperfections!!!
You are special and there is no other like you on this planet. Shine on my crazy diamonds!

Author: Melika Emira Baccouche


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