The Sacred Power of The Self !


There is a level of control we have on ourselves. What we cannot control is the planetary karma. We can help align our life by reducing the effects of the planetary Karma, we do this by meditation. With meditation you connect the small soul to the supreme soul, threw this we can fix anything in our lives with our inner strengths. You can do this with stones that counter the energy of the planet.

Never use your positive energy for negative things. It will bring negativity into your life. When you think positive your entire life will be smoother. When you are feeling full, send positive energy to the universe, to the planet, to your parents, wherever your heart is guided. You can even chant mantra’s for other’s when the intention if pure.

Presence is extremely important when action is executed. You are putting your personal power in the intention of the action and every word and action you produce will become more powerful. Work more on yourself then others and the positive will follow. You cannot control others but you can inspire themes. The more you think positive the more your actions are positive. The stronger your aura will become. Make yourself powerful with your thinking. The more you practice the more you will be flexible in your mind and your life.

Melika Emira Baccouche


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