1. Control your breath, this helps cleanse your cellular memory. By cleansing the cells it helps to cleanse the mind and vice versa. Alternate nostril breathing will allow a full flow of rhythmic breathing into your body, allowing the prana to flow threw your body like a river.

2. For deep mental rest the inner chatter has to reduce. Before sleep or in the morning preform a scan and focus on each part of your body. Release the stuck emotion’s by being simply aware and connected to your body.

3. Scan your chakra’s and send love and light

4. Liberate the mind from thought

5. Start accepting life moment to moment.

6. Don’t suppress your thoughts but observe themes.Do not react, breath and think; How can I channel my anger or sadness in the most positive way?In the big spectrum of my life this ball of emotion can be transformed into very driven and mindfull energy. Where shall I place it? If prana is enough in your mind, you can deal with anything. Do not waste your energy on anything or everything.

7. Letting go, you cannot change the past. Acknowledge and tell yourself it was yesterday and today is a new day, a new gift and a new life. Everyday counts, living in the past will only create repetition.

8. Chant and sing and melt into the arms of existence

Author: Melika Emira Baccouche


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